A Drink with Gedulgt

In Danish, Gedulgt means secret or well-hidden. Tucked away in a historic backyard, the name is appropriate for the award-winning cocktail bar in Aarhus, Denmark. Most recently, they added the People’s Choice nod at the Bartenders’ Choice Awards to their lengthy list of accolades.

Behind the bar, you’ll find bar chef Mads Schack and sous chef Mattis Molge pushing the boundaries of modern mixology. In anticipation of their bar swap with Tata, we asked them a few questions about how it all came about.

I got into bartending because…

Mads Schack: I was curious about the profession so I went to European Bartending School (EBS), and worked behind the bar for a season in the alps. When I came back home to Copenhagen, I got a job as bartender at Kødbyens Fiskebar and shortly after was promoted as full time bar chef. In 2017, I moved to Aarhus to open Gedulgt.

Mattis Molge: Bådde Johanson from Barkonsult in Stockholm gave my cousin a flair practice bottle, and that peaked my interest. After that, I started to watch all kinds of bartending videos on YouTube. I also went to EBS, started bartending at various gigs, then moved to Aarhus to properly train at Gedulgt.

Our approach to making drinks…

is about finding a spirit with an exceptional flavor profile, and creating a simple drink that manages to maintain the balances that profile out, but always with an element of surprise.

If I was an Empirical Spirit I’d be… 

MS: Fallen Pony. Extremely complex and strange, yet really likeable.
MM: Charlene McGee. Straight shooter, dedicated and resilient

Our best Empirical Spirit serve (so far) is...

'Fake News Paloma,’ which is one of our favorites on the menu at Gedulgt. We clarify a mixture of Fuck Trump and His Stupid Fucking Wall, crème de Pamplemousse, blood orange syrup, lime juice, grapefruit juice and coconut milk, and then top that with sparkling water. It’s served in a high-ball glass and garnished with an orange slice.


Read more about our event with Gedulgt x Tata on 7th March 2020 here.

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