A Drink With Tata

Since 1932, the performers at the historic Royal Danish Theatre have shared their stage with an unlikely supporting actor: the red velvet curtain called Tata for which this bar takes its name. Tata is located in Hotel Sanders, in the heart of Copenhagen, where they aspire to set a timeless backdrop for their guests every night. Their great efforts have earned them some of the industry’s most coveted awards including both Best Cocktail Bar as well as Best Bartender for Denmark at Bartenders’ Choice Awards.

Empirical Spirits: A Drink With Tata — Harry Bell and Jonas Andersen

Leading up to our Gedulgt x Tata bar swap, we caught up with bar manager Jonas Andersen, and head bartender Harry Bell to get the lowdown on their award-winning approach.

I got into bartending because…

Jonas Andersen: “I started bartending as a way to get through university. I had always shuffled odd jobs, but once I started working in hospitality I was immediately sold on the pace and camaraderie. After completing my degree, I kept on working bars and then decided to never stop.”

Harry Bell: “I loved to watch bartenders working at the bar around the corner from my parents’ place in Milan. I decided to get a job there when I was 17. I got fired 6 months later. I continued bartending to make some money and then started working at a bar called Luca&Andrea. It changed my life, and led to where I am today.”

Our approach to making drinks…

Is that flavours are everything in Tata. We start our process by finding an ingredient we are interested in and exploring it.

If I was an Empirical Spirit I’d be…

HB: If Jonas was an Empirical spirit, he would definitely be Fuck Trump and His Stupid Fucking Wall as he finds it challenging, curious, controversial and fun.

JA: If Harry was an Empirical spirit, he would definitely be Fallen Pony as it is intense, loud and he loves unicorns.

Our best Empirical Spirit serve (so far) is…

’Empirical Gimlet #2.’ A gimlet is a straightforward cocktail typically made with gin and lime cordial. We wanted to elevate that by using Empirical and allowing ourselves to be inspired by whatever ingredients the kitchen may be working with to help us get to the ultimate flavor profile we want. We’re also playing around with dilution to bind and balance the powerful flavors of Empirical Spirits with the other elements of the cocktail and the sweetness of the cordial

For this iteration, we use Helena, Cognac, White Port, Fuck Trump and His Stupid Fucking Wall, and a housemade geranimum Champagne cordial. We stir and serve in a cocktail glass, then sprinkle with lemon zest.

Empirical Spirits — A Drink with Tata: Empirical Gimlet

Read more about our event with Tata x Gedulgt on 22nd March 2020 here.

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