Charlene McGee Lot Six Edition

This limited release is a cask strength send-off to Charlene McGee, one of our first spirits based on smoked juniper. At 50% ABV, you may gain pyrokinetic powers from this Firestarter-inspired edition.

Empirical Spirits — Charlene McGee Lot Six Edition

From the start, it’s always been about flavor. Lars, who is originally from New York, was looking for a way to take what he was doing in terms of fermentation, flavor development, research in Copenhagen, and share it with the rest of the world.

Lars’ initial inclination was to create a rolodex of flavors that represent Denmark. Our first ever release, Easy Tiger, captured the essence of Douglas Fir by using the tree’s needles as a botanical. Then came Anne Bonny, based on oysters and freeze-dried gooseberries, and of course, Charlene McGee, inspired by Scandinavian smoking traditions and juniper.

Turns out, removing needles from a sprig of Douglas Fir and shucking oysters are laborious and involved activities, with little to show from the effort that they take. Of those initial three blends, Charlene McGee was the only one that stood the test of time and of production.

Inspiration often leads to changes in our process: our methods are not set in stone, nor is our outcome. Charlene McGee, like all of our spirits, has evolved over a series of releases. We rejiggered our approach after a visit to Bornholm, where we observed local smokery. As a result, we begin by lightly crushing Danish juniper berries and soaking them in water so that they take up more flavour when they go on to be smoked over their own wood.

Charlene McGee takes its name from Firestarter, Stephen King’s 1980s sci-fi novel. In the book, Charlene or “Charlie” McGee and her parents are exposed to a hallucinogenic substance known as “Lot 6” that has varying impacts depending on the drinker. Charlie develops pyrokinetic abilities, while her parents become telekinetic.

The Lot Six Edition is our final release of Charlene McGee. We wanted to give the blend a proper send-off for being with us since the beginning. And so, we’ve bottled it at cask strength (50% ABV), which means you get to experience it in full force.

It’s true that all good things come to an end, but grab a bottle of this release and delay the goodbye for a short while longer.

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