It started with a text message

Bottles convey this idea of sitting down and stroking your chin. A can is a bit more like having a barbecue. And it all started with a text message.

Last spring, Copenhagen was coming back to life after a particularly cold, dark winter. We wanted to be outside, to swim in the harbor by the distillery and to drink something easy. And so, the idea for something that could be sipped sans instructions or mixers was presented to Lars in a text. Three weeks later, we had our first cans in hand. Between our consumption and yours, that first round didn’t last long.

Empirical Spirits — CAN 01 (Milk Oolong) and CAN 02 (Sour Cherry)


Cans are here to stay.

And so, we hatched a plan to make more. The research team of Chris Stewart, Eric Hellig and Lars began toiling away. the first can recipe came together in a matter of weeks, but the second took over 50 refinements before the team was satisfied, two easy-drinking cans that are now ready for your imbibing pleasure: CAN 01 and CAN 02. Sasha Widijessa from Operation Dagger in Singapore has joined R&D to toil and tweak away at new combinations alongside the rest of our research team.

What do I do with them?

Our spirits have consistently elicited one particular open-ended question: What do I do with them? While there are an infinite number of answers that you could set you off in the right direction, the cans are our crack at a more definitive response. This isn’t a complex cocktail you need to shake, pour over ice and garnish with a twist: it’s a drinkable experience that you can crack open anytime and anywhere. We’ll gladly tell you how we made them, but for now we’d rather not overshare. Do us a solid and let us know how they make you feel—no further questions asked.

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