Charlene McGee & Cream Soda

'Charlene McGee' & Cream SodaCharlene McGee is a juniper spirit inspired by the Scandinavian culinary tradition of smoking. The spirit has base notes of fresh juniper, fruity blackberries, and resinous, fragrant juniper sap that leaves a smooth, smoky finish. Unlike a traditional heavily peated spirit, this is an entirely brand new kind of flavor experience with smoke.

1 part* Charlene McGee blend
3 parts Cream Soda
Half an orange wheel

Pour the spirit in a glass and add ice
Top it up with Cream Soda and slowly swirl the mix
Garnish with an orange wheel


*For all of our serve recipes we recommend using around 30-40ml of our spirits and 120ml of mixer, depending on individual preferences. We also suggest using larger ice cubes to delay dilution.


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