Fallen Pony & Tonic

 'Fallen Pony' & Tonic

Fallen Pony is an aromatic double-fermented quince tea spirit made from a base of quince, barley koji, Belgian Saison yeast, and pilsner malt wash. The blend preserves the sweet botanical notes, highlights hints of marzipan, and provides balanced acidity. A deceptively light drinking experience at 35% ABV.

2 parts* Fallen Pony
3 parts tonic
Lemon wedge

Pour the spirit in a glass over ice
Top up with tonic and mix
Squeeze the lemon wedge, run it around the rim and drop it in

*We recommend using around 50ml of our spirit and 75ml of mixer, depending on individual preferences. We also suggest using larger ice cubes to delay dilution.

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