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Helena, our current flagship offering, is a double-fermented barley koji and Belgian saison spirit. Each of our releases, at least until now, have been borne of it. This is a small selection of seasonal expressions from what ultimately became a Helena “range”.

HelenaThis is our take on a neutral spirit. There are no botanicals, it’s purely barley koji, naked barley, Belgian saison yeast and Pilsner Malt. “Acts like fat in a dish for a cocktail. All flavors become turbo”, according Alex from Dandelyan Bar. 40% ABV.

Fuck Trump and his Stupid Fucking Wall: Really no need to go into the name again. A low-proof habanero spirit that we rectify with habanero vinegar instead of water. Because the molecule capsaicin, the irritant in chili, is so heavy it doesn’t evaporate during the distillation. This means you get all the flavor of the pepper without any of the heat. We kept it at 27% ABV because that’s where the flavor sits best.

Souk Blend: This one uses the North African spice mix Ras el Hanout as the driving factor. The flavor profile was cut quite short in the distillation so we chose cacao shells to lengthen and pull out the combination of flavorsWe then rest the spirits in Oloroso casks to round it out. 40% ABV.

Each of these bottles contains roughly two tastings. Enjoy them directly from the fridge or freezer. We recommend a thin rimmed glass.