FREYJA — 100ml

FREYJA — 100ml

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According to Norse mythology, Freyja – the goddess associated with war, death, love and sex – lived in an Elder tree. For many Scandinavians, the plant is considered both sacred and protective, believed to keep evil spirits from entering the house.

Here in Denmark, elder's role in culture has been fairly expansive. From the flowers being used as tea, the twigs as painkillers, or the wood as fly repellent garlands for horses, it's widely thought of as an integral part of Danish life. Even to the point that people said “where the elder wont grow, man cannot live.”

Blooming in June, each individual elderflower produces a single berry, glossy midnight in its appearance. With obvious notes of lychee and pear, the plant is fresh, almost tropical, in its flavor.

As a nod to warmer times, we've distilled and bottled Freyja, an elderflower spirit. It’s our attempt at sharing the plant's unique natural sweetness, the beauty of (a good) Danish summer and some sense of childhood nostalgia.

Each bottle is 10cl/100ml and equals three servings.

Freyja is also available in 50cl.